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Lefkada beaches - Our Top 10!!!

If you’re a beach lizard then you’ll be in beach heaven during your stay in Lefkada as there are many fantastic choices to soak up the rays, especially on the NorthWest/West coast. From family friendly and organised to more secluded ones, Lefkada will not disappoint when it comes to spending time laying in the sun or building sand castles! It has not been named as the "Caribbean of Greece" for nothing!



Essentially there are great beaches all over the island and especially on the west coast. West coast beaches tend to be less developed due to the steep but dramatic landscape and the water colour is amazing!!!

Beaches on the South & East coast tend to be cute pebble beaches in generally nice pretty settings. East coast is much more developed from a tourism perspective so beaches tend to have more amenities and developments nearby but are still nice.

  1. Porto Kastiki (South West Coast)- Amazing beach but can get very busy during the day but definitely very beautiful!. Great for Sunsets (do as part of trip to Egremnoni/ Gailos)

  2. Kathisma Beach (North west coast)- One of the most popular, accessible and beautiful beaches on the island. Turquoise waters and white sandy beach, perfect for sunbathing and family fun! It has plenty of parking right by beach and even though it can get quite busy during the peak season, due to its large size it is not too crowed. There are also a few tavernas/restaurants cafes etc. Great Sunsets! Probably the best all round beach!!

  3. Egremni (South west coast) - Amazing beach but access is now only by boat.

  4. Gialos (South west coast) - Scenic poor cousin to Porto Kastiki & Egremni but still fantastic beach, good access. Worth seeing if you have time after seeing Porto Katsiki. No shops so take water & food.

  5. Agios Nikitas(North west coast)- Beach at the village of Agios Niktas- very nice but quite small so does get crowed. Good for kids, plus easy access to the tavernas/bars of Agios Nikitas.

  6. Milos Beach (north west coast)- Beautiful secluded beach. Can only be accessed by walking track from Agios Nikitas or by regular boat from Agios Nikitas Beach. No shops so take water & food.

  7. Pefkoulia (North west coast) - Another popular beach on the island with a beautiful sandy beach and great sunsets. There are also a few tavernas/ cafes etc. Great Sunsets!

  8. Poros/Mikros Ghailos (South coast)- popular & pretty white pebble beach in a very pretty bay often filled with large superyachts!. Has some good tavernas for lunch, although if there you can always pop around to Sivota Bay for lunch which is very pretty and has many great fish tavernas!!!

  9. Agiofilli (South coast)- Popular & pretty white pebble beach which can be accessed by regular boat from Vassiliki Port (just ask at port). Makes a nice afternoon trip followed by a feed at the many tavernas at Vassiliki

  10. Agios Ioannis (North Coast) Massive sandspit beach that runs the entire length of the north coast. The western facing part is one of the best beaches in the world for Kitesurfing & windsurfing so if you fancy giving it a go head down there. Also a very nice beach to lay on although can get windy in the afternoon!



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